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photo by Nico Belasco (

photo by Nico Belasco

Last Friday, October 16, 2015, I was invited to the grand opening launch of the Learning Plus+ bookstore. This is more than just your typical bookstore with pens and stationaries. They are a bookstore for the TMA Homeschooling program. This store was conceptualized and operated by homeschoolers!

And, YES to you all wondering if I’m considering homeschooling my lil’ one 🙂 Actually more than considering, We, as a family, is already gearing up as we join the community of homeschoolers. Especially now, with the Learning Plus+ bookstore, we have everything that we would need to equip Kheira as she goes through this journey with us. I am more than excited! This place is perfect for all your homeschooling needs!

IMG_2944 IMG_2942

They even have U.S Curriculums that would be good, especially for us, incase (through the years) we would go and move back to the U.S – just in case! Having a bilingual household it is imperative that Kheira learns Tagalog. And what better way to learn than from fun story books??



Fun way of Learning!


Molding kids to be more creative

Im not the only who thinks FAR ahead as schooling for my young one, right? Don’t get me wrong, I know Kheira is only three (3) months (almost four) but the mind tends to wonder. She’s growing so fast and, as much as I don’t want her to, she won’t be a baby forever (don’t we all wish the same?).  And most of these thoughts are about her education.

The TMA Homeschooling and Learning Plus+ has made it easy for homeschooling families to come together and achieve the goal for education! 

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If we built a school from the ground up based on how children learn best, we would build a home.

– Dr. Debra Bell

I believe in this saying of Dr. Debra Bell. Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be in a school. Children learn and grow from where the heart is, our home 

For all those who are interested or have any inquiries and want updates of TMA Homeschool, contact them at:

Located at: 2nd Floor Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde St., Ortigas Ave. Brgy Ugong, Pasig City

Contact No.s: (02) 234-0432 / (02) 502-7027


Instagram: @tmahomeschool

Be a blessing to others! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta

Kharla Ramos-Canta


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