Mommy Feels Fail #2: Wear baby mittens at all times!

Here we go again… another #MommyFeelsFail I never  thought it would happen so soon. Well, sooner than I was hoping. Another MOMMY FAIL! This time there was more blood. Blood everywhere! Blood…

The husband wakes me up early friday morning (like 4am early) in panic. It was like a CSI Crime scene. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Well a dried blood type of crime scene. It had been long since the tragedy happened.


Ok, so it’s not at bad as how I’m hyping it out to be, but you get the picture. It may not be as bad as how I hyped it out to be, but ‘newbie mom alert!’ I was heartbroken. I said heartbroken because I really cannot describe the feeling of seeing your child hurt. My heart sunk and I think I felt it beating down my rear-end, my eyes were wide-open, and I felt cold and empty(?) for about 10 seconds – which felt like eternity- before I reacted and reach out to get her.

She had scratched the upper part of her right earlobe while she was asleep. It’s a small scratch, but a bit deep enough for her to bleed everywhere. Who’s fault is it, you ask? Mommy’s fault of course! Let’s trail back on why it’s mommy’s fault…

  • Culprit No.1: Uncut Fingernails. Last October 12 I posted my very first #MommyFeelsFail about me cutting Kheira’s fingernails more than I should’ve – the result? I ended up cutting her nails less and would wait until my mother-in-law comes over and cuts them herself. *She comes over a lot so I didn’t have to wait it out so long*.
  • Culprit No.2: No Baby Mittens. This is the first time I am mentioning anything about this, but it seems that our growing Kiks is teething already at 4 months. This causes her to suckle on her fingers more. We would ALWAYS put mittens on her because of her fast growing nails as a baby, but since she was suckling on them too (because they are covering her fingers) her mittens end up SOAKING WET. So I guess through time, because of her soaking her mittens, we stopped putting them on her. *I know, I should’ve put that as my first #MommyFeelsFail instead*

Combine culprit no.1 and culprit no.2, and you get why it happened. Big huge *SIGH*

I didn’t take a picture of it I had to clean it up right away and again another of one to include in my crying episodes. My baby is such  tough cookie she didn’t even cry when it happened. When we found out about it all the blood was already dry. Keeping a close eye on her now, but gotta shrug this mommy guilt off my shoulder for now …


Oh, Kheira…

Share some of your mommy mishaps!! This newbie mum would loove to read them!

Be a blessing to others! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta

Kharla Ramos-Canta


One thought on “Mommy Feels Fail #2: Wear baby mittens at all times!

  1. DIY Corporate Mom says:

    I know it feels horrible, but the benefit of not wearing mittens outweigh the inevitable scratches! Babies need to develop their sensory stimulation as the first step towards learning, especially through their touch. I feel you! Eventually the babies learn to control their hands better. Not your fault!:) Glad to find your page!


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