Kheira’s Dedication

What is a dedication? A lot of people ask me that question when they found out that Kheira will not be baptised but rather she will be ‘Dedicated’.
For those who do not know what a child dedication is, it is – literally – the act of dedicating. Ha! Bet you didn’t know that lol (just kidding). In this case, we are dedicating my child to Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I chose to do this because I believe that one should know when and what it means to be baptised by the Holy Spirit. I chose to dedicate Kheira to Jesus Christ to show our family, friends and community that my husband and I will be responsible parents taking on to bring Kheira up in the fear the Lord, in faith and teach her how to live life, the best way we can, as a good Christian and servant of the Lord.

KpkdS0, having said that, as a Christian, I believe it was my duty to dedicate my baby to Jesus Christ.


Pastor Bobby Canta(right) during the ceremony together with Kheira’s godparents Chloe(left), Brandon and Alyanna.

I’m so thankful for my husband’s family who were accepting of my decision of a child’s dedication instead of a baptism for Kheira, even though they’re Catholic (no offence meant with that). I am very grateful that they were respectful of my faith that they made all this possible.

We’re glad that all of our family and friend who were able to come was there to witness this one in a lifetime occasion. Especially my husband’s family, his sister, her boyfriend and dad who flew all the way from the states to visit here and be part of this celebration.
We didn’t have a whole lot of pictures, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to take even snippets from my own phone of what happened that day! Thank goodness for the photo booth we hire! Here are some pictures with our friends and family! Enjoy!

I really wish I took more pictures! I know this is a lil’ bit too late for me to ask but, hey, why not!

Attention: Hello friends and families! For those who were able to come and was part of our Kheira’s dedication celebration, please tag me, on any pictures you guys took, on your preferred social media site 🙂 or you can post it and add any of these hashtags; #KheiraDelvi  #MommyFeels   and I will for sure see them! This is for my compilation and will be making a physical album for this event of Kheira’s life and I want you all to be a part of that!

Thank you so much in advance!

This was indeed one for the books! Another milestone our darling Kheira Delvi has reached. Every day is an adventure with her. The year is almost over and we still have a lot more ahead of us before we say hello to the New Year!


From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being a part of welcoming our Kheira into the Christian world! May God abundantly bless you all! ♥ 

Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


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