The Canta’s first Thanksgiving getaway!

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I love thanksgiving just because it allows people to be reminded of the many things they should be thankful for despite at all. Me, personally, I thank God for every day that I get to open my eyes, live another day and be able to spend time with my family. That alone, I am very thankful for.♥  Plus, its a great way to start my day!

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Off to the beach we go! #LaiyaCocoGrove


I know its a little late for all that now since Christmas is coming soon. I haven’t come around to actually writing this entry (until now), but this year’s thanksgiving was very fruitful for the Cantas (including, yours truly, a very new recruit). It’s Kheira’s very first Thanksgiving and with it came a bag full of surprises! i.e. her ninang Chloe, with her boyfriend Andrew. They came to visit from the other side of the globe just to make it to her dedication and stayed long enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with her niece. And of course we can’t forget her grandpa – who also flew in, spent for her darling granddaughter, and was responsible of making it all happen. Thanks grandpa Norman!

Aside from celebrating Kheira’s very first Thanksgiving and Kheira’s first family vacation with the everyone! (father’s side of course) This weekend getaway was full of other firsts for Kheira.


First road trip!


For the most part, if she wasn’t hungry or soiled, she was asleep through the whole ride! Total of five hours on the road and my lil’ champ breezed through her very first road trip to the beach! I’m so glad she loves her car seat or else this would’ve taken a different turn. Yay, Kheira! #Mothercare
So, goes another first for her – first time at the beach!

Of course with all this sunshine beaming on us, we didn’t forget to put on our sunblock!



First time swimming! Grandpa seems to like it more though…

I think I was too excited for her first dip in the pool I didn’t even take a picture with her! We have a video though, so that’s something I have with us both to remember that day by.

The beach was incredible. I keep forgetting I live in a tropical country surrounded by beaches. Ha! The resort we chose was in San Juan, Batangas called ‘Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort’. Its about 3-4 hours away from Manila. And every hour spent on the road was worth it! We arrived there on a Thursday and we had the place, literally, to ourselves till Friday or Saturday when more guests arrive. It was peaceful and the beach was five (5) steps away from our room. Here is some snippets from the beach resort…
 If you didn’t notice I did not post an entry about Kheira’s 5th month accomplishments. Well, this was it!! This trip was the best way to celebrate our Kheir bear’s 5th month and with it came a bajillion (exaggerating of course) firsts!!! We definitely would like to thank the very hospitable staff of Laiya Coco Grove for making our bunny’s 5th month special…

Complimentary homemade brownie with foam-ish(?) cream by the staff for Kheira. It was off menu and was sooo delicious we asked for the recipe and a couple more plates!


Happy 5th month Kheira!

Thank you Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort for being so hospitable and accommodating of our very first Canta Thanksgiving Getaway!
And we’re not done just yet! Whew! Our last stop, on the way home, was a quick visit to Tagaytay. For those who do not know what (or where, rather) Tagaytay is – it’s one of the cities in the Philippines down south but is on top a mountain. It gets pretty cold and foggy up there if you come by at the right season.
Ninang Chloe and uncle Andrew hasn’t been to Tagaytay  (and, of course, Kheira lol) so Grandpa Norman decided it’d be great idea to have lunch there with the scenic view before heading back to Manila.

For lunch, Tagaytay’s specialty: Bulalo

Me and Kheira enjoying this view

Our trip was short but sweet. It was amazing to get to spend time and know Chloe a little bit more, as well as, the rest of the family. It was a good breather from all our usual hustle and bustle and a bittersweet vacation that everyone needed before the year ended.

I know this post has got a lot going on, but I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing.

These are the moments I live for; for my growing family, and our ever-so growing Kheira Delvi. My heart is overwhelmed with joy because of Kheira. She’s my little blessing and my everyday miracle. And that, I will always be forever thankful for.

What’re you thankful for? Share it with me and let’s count your blessings together.
Be a blessing to others! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta


10 thoughts on “The Canta’s first Thanksgiving getaway!

  1. Rhoda Fajardo says:

    I love family vacations. And I cant wait for summer this 2016. I’m thankful for a lot of things like, having 3 beautiful daughters, new knowledge on life and business, and new friends.


  2. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    Laiya Beach is such a pride here in Batangas! I will never get tired of coming back to that place anytime! Im happy you and your family enjoyed! There are a lot of nice and posh resorts there that are worthy to try the next time you visit… Merry Christmas!


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