My First Christmas

Here it is! My Christmas post! Hope everyone had  great holiday, because I know we did! It’s Kheira’s very first Christmas


After driving around from family to family, countless beso’s (a common Filipino greeting, a cheek-to-cheek kiss usually made once on the right cheek), giving and receiving gifts; Kheira’s first Christmas was a success!! It was definitely hectic because – let’s face it – having a baby adds about one to two more hours of getting ready to go (practically) anywhere. 

Christmas bring families together! And I love how Facebook Memories bring up photos you have (probably forgotten) from years ago and make you remember how many pounds lighter and younger looking you were years ago. Ha! Here’s a quick glance of my lil’ family from four years ago;

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 4.38.43 PM

and now with our new addition…


and also Kheira and I as new additions to my new family..


And of course, I can’t forget to mention the Imperial Family (sadly no photo) whom open their arms this Christmas to us and is always thinking about our little Kiks as well. This Christmas was overflowing with blessings for me and my family from different corners of ours lives! I can’t stop thanking God for where he has placed us, surrounded by all these amazing people. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Here are some fam-bam pictures from the celebration of our very merry Noche Buena with my mum’s side of the family, the Ramos-es.

And then our intimate Christmas celebration with my own family…

Look at all of ’em pictures! This post is almost like a gallery!

This Christmas was indeed very special 

I didn’t come from a big family and I don’t have that many cousins to begin with, but it seems that Kheira did have a busy holiday this year because suddenly we’re part of a whole clan!  Of course we wish our other families abroad were here to celebrate with us (I know they would say the same, us to be there with them) its never the same when you’re not complete, but I’m sure everyone had an amazing night and we hope to get to celebrate with them next year. I can’t wait to celebrate the next coming Thanksgivings and Christmases with the rest of my new family. More memories to make and more pictures to come!!

Someone is wiped out! But Kheira’s not done with the festivities just yet, because our next stop is her first New Year’s celebration!! Whoooo! But for now its time to rest…I hope everyone else had a great one like we did. A successful first Christmas and to many more!

Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta




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