Hello to the New Year


After slacking on my blog for a week, the New Year has come and gone, I’ve finally settled and is ready to write my first entry of the year.

For this new year’s resolution ours isn’t the same as most people with, “new year, new me” or “new year, new beginnings”. Ours is simply, new year and another one to continue and enjoy our journey… as new parents! Still considering ourselves new parents since our unica hija is only 6 and a half (to this day) months old.

This year was especially special to me, since we were all together with my family and my new family… last year wasn’t so because it was just Vaughn and I with Kheira cooking in the oven. It was also special because I was pregnant, but we didn’t get to spend it with our family. This one though isn’t your typical Filipino New Year’s celebration; no fireworks, no flashing lights, no loud horns nor trumpets. We welcomed the New Year with a loud “Happy New Year’s” to each other followed by my cousins and I spontaneously jumping in the ice cold pool in the backyard of the villa we rented.

We had an amazing time bonding with each other, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time, being able to praying together and pray for each other. My mum, Maya (What I decided to call my mother-in-law hihi translates into ‘Mama Aya‘) and cousins all helped out in to making spectacular meals for all of us and the hubby got to fire up the grill with some lamb chops. So glad that we got to be with our ate(big sister) Nikkol too. We were fortunate enough that she could spend this year’s holidays with us since she lives in Japan (before this I haven’t seen her for three years!). ‘Hi ate Nikkol! God Bless you and your endeavours over there! I know you’re reading this and we miss you already!’

The villa we stayed at is in Indang, Cavite (Philippines) called Hacienda Severino. It’s south from Manila, but up in the mountains (-ish I’m saying that because we had to go up Tagaytay just to get there) so it’s quite cool. It was a beautiful house that allowed me to take wonderful pictures of me and my family! I’m no photographer, but here are some of our out-takes…

Also, I have to thank my cousin Joshua for being my partner in crime with taking snaps through our whole trip! Thank you for being obedient to all my requests and most especially patient lol Best side-kick award! And best part of all he took some awesome pics as well 🙂 Yay Joshua! (Ps. this is your photo cred shout out haha! Love ya cousin!)

Must be nice waking up to a place like this! Our new years may not have been whimsical with fireworks or even just sparklers but spending time with my family without the smog and out of danger was just the way we would like it.

Thank you Hacienda Severino for catering to our family vacation. It was indeed one for the books and will definitely come back! 


I’m so excited for this year! 2016 has a lot of Kheira’s firsts written all over it! And let’s not forget this year we are going to celebrate her FIRST Birthday! Yay! Its five (5) months away but I’m soo excited about it already!

Thank you Jesus for 2015 because it was by far the best year of my life, I was overwhelmed but grateful with all the blessings and now 2016 is here and we’re ready for you!

Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


8 thoughts on “Hello to the New Year

  1. den says:

    Super happy for you that you had an amazing 2015 and New Year’s celebration! You have a lovely family and I hope you get to have an amazing 2016 too!


  2. jennie villanueva says:

    that’s a really nice collage you got there.. i noticed among all moms i know that the happiest days of their lives were when they gave birth to their child.. Fulfillment to the highest level ang dating. It’s such a wonderful feeling.


  3. msbolin says:

    New Year celebrations are best if spent with families even if in the most remote town or the classiest hotel, with or without fireworks, but sana with food naman. Ihihi. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I like the Maya name for your mother-in-law. 🙂


  4. mhaan.a-ds says:

    I’m glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family. I am also excited for this year for my Cloud will be celebrating his 1st bday this month, 1 year in the making lols.


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