Hi Ninang Aileen!

*’Ninang’ (n.) is Tagalog((Filipino) for Godmother.

Now that we’ve established that – it’s another first for Kheira! #KheiraDelviFirsts She has officially met every one of her Dad’s-dad’s family! Did that make any sense? After the rush of the holidays, we weren’t quite ready to settle down and put our feet up just yet… there was another visitor we were anticipating to see! “Hi Ninang Aileen! It was great to finally meet you!”

Ninang Aileen is Kheira’s grandfather’s (on her dad’s side) one and only sister. ♥  And this week, we finally met the woman behind the stories and got to spend some quality time with her 🙂 Actually she’s not really Kheira’s godmother, she’s originally my husbdand’s godmother – though she prefers to be called that way, making her a name for herself as everyone’s godmother. Which totally fits the bill since she will treat you like you’re her godchild!

Kheira automatically warmed up to her the minute she picked her up! Like most family members whose generosity poured out to Kheira, she also did not hold back into showering our lil’ one with some pretty awesome gifts; a timi and leslie marie antionette diaper bag and outfits from Zadig and Voltaire (they have a cute baby selection, though i don’t think they have here in the philippines, but check them out online!) Can you say cashmere jogger/sweat-ish pants?? Love it! I’m most ecstatic about the timi and leslie diaper bag – i know most mommies, who’s reading this, know what I’m talking about. Lol! On a side note: I’ll be posting a separate blog entry on a review on the marie antionette soon!

Though her visit was short and sweet, we tried to spend a lot of time with her after my husband gets off work and even got to take a little hotel adventure (she’s in the hotel industry) with her – topped it off with good company (Hi tita Ingrid!) and some Nobu nibbles!

Its always bittersweet when families visit us here in the Philippines. This is the time when I think that 24-hours isn’t enough time of day, but sure enough that we savour every minute of it when we’re with them! So here are some snippets of every moment we had with ninang Aileen…

Her visit was short but sweet indeed! And I think at one point Kheira wanted to go back to Denver with her! Look at that cute package! Lol! 


Familia es todo – through thick or thin. It may be farewell for now but we will definitely spend more time with her (and even more family!) as soon as we have our first family trip abroad!


“Hi Ninang Aileen!” You’re presence is surely missed!


For more info on Aileen Canta and what she does (amazing job on hotels btw) Please do check out her website http://www.afcantainc.com!


Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


19 thoughts on “Hi Ninang Aileen!

  1. Rhoda Fajardo says:

    I also have a kumpare who’s very similar to Ninang Aileen. He’s a business partner of mine in Design and Construction (see how similar they are). It’s really touching to have someone visit us from abroad. Yun nga lang, mejo malungkot pag alis nila ulit. Ninang Aileen, you’ll surely be missed. =)


  2. Cheanne says:

    Reunions are bittersweert indeed! I remember crying whenever my cousins and aunts and uncles have to go back to the States before. Your baby is so friendly that she warmed up super fast! 🙂


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