Timi & Leslie diaper bag review


My first product review! Yay! I figured that as I mum, this is one of the things I needed the most. A top priority for an on-the-go mum like me is a practical and functional diaper bag – it also wouldn’t help if its stylish, right?!? After all, us mums, we need to keep it up a notch after having babies and housework!

I wanna give a shout out to Ninang Aileen (see previous post) muchos gracias for gifting* us this incredibly stylish diaper bag! I love it so much!  *fyi: not sponsored by timi&leslie post

timi & leslie is a brand who’s been making diaper bags circa 2000. Style and functionality is their philosophy, which is what us mums all look for in everything! Who likes chunky diaper bags that are bulky and so awkward to carry? No one!  Here is a picture of my timi & leslie ‘Marie Antoinette‘ diaper bag and what’s included with it…


Two things I absolutely L.O.V.E about this bag is the mommy pouchette and the stroller straps!

*FYI my actual timi and leslie is the same color as the sample picture I got from their site.. my phone camera did not justify the color lol But yes, these two are my most absolute favourite part of the bag. timi & leslie lived up to their philosophy of style and function! Aside from the norm that diaper bags come with these days, i.e changing pad and a bottle holder; the Marie Antoinette comes with the pouchette for mommies; that is perfect for keeping the essentials with credit card slots and zipper pocket inside, and stroller straps allows; that allows you to hang the diaper bag on (duh) the stroller so you won’t have to carry it. Especially with its more feminine design the hubby doesn’t really feel comfortable carrying it around. Hahaha! So the stroller strap is perfect!

Pros: It includes a lot of cool things that make the bag real functional and versatile. Especially the pouchette for mommy. This bag is its super light weight! I put a lot inside the diaper bag because I have a lot of “just incase” item. Aside from your norm diapers and wipes my just incases include: extra muslins, extra blanket, onsie, baby mits, baby socks, extra ziplock, extra (foldable) laundry bag, bottle, extra pacifier, a fan, a beanie and a sun hat. LOL! So this bag makes it less heavy than it should really be… I know its a lot of items inside the diaper bag and I L.O.V.E how this bag doesn’t make it seem like I have a lot in there! 

Cons: The cost of the bag is a bit (actually a lot) ‘over budget’ for a diaper bag. Though technically we didn’t pay for it (It was a gift from ninang Aileen) I saw the cost online and its quite hefty! Also another con is its not really daddy friendly since it actually looks like a purse rather than a diaper bag

What’s inside my timi & leslie Marie Antoinette diaper bag, you ask? Well, despite all the “extras” I have in the diaper bag I actually have enough space to put everything in!


Overall I give the timi & leslie Marie Antoinette diaper bag a 8/10. Why leave out 20%? Well, the 10% was for the cost and and the other 10% is because it isn’t so suitable for the hubbies to carry.

But despite the cons i have with this diaper bag, I have more pros! I’m sure there are a lot of other diaper bags out there with more compartments, affordable and something daddy can use, though for the style and, of course, the function of this one -I must say, it’s quite worth it! I Lve my timi & leslie and I have ninang Aileen to thank for that!

If you wanna check out more info and other timi & leslie products, visit their site http://www.timiandleslie.com Enjoy!


Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta





19 thoughts on “Timi & Leslie diaper bag review

  1. Jackie Park says:

    What a nice diaper bag! It’s really hard to get a perfect diaper bag with all the things we have to bring and our need for organization and comfort when carrying it, so it’s good you found one that suited you well. My kids are growing up so I’m looking forward to the day that I stop using my diaper bag lang and use my own bag again, for their and my personal use haha 🙂


  2. Maan Laxa says:

    Wow it doesn’t even look like a diaper bag! I had a Baby Couture diaper bag (which I’m sure was a looot cheaper than yours) and now the only use I have for it is as an overnight bag haha


  3. coiibanez says:

    Bongga ng diaper bag! Hihi! Love it, but it looks expensive hehe. Btw, medyo natawa ko sa alcohol mommy, same tayo na ganun kalaki alcohol lagi dala! Hahaha! Hindi ko kaya ng walang alcohol or hand sanitizer hehehe 🙂


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