There’s a new Belasco in town!


“Hello world!” from, the newest addition to my favourite family, baby Noah Nehemiah Yunon Belasco! Isn’t he precious??? My heart melted the day I saw him for the first time, it was like I was being brought back to the time Kheira was just born. I had forgotten how tiny they are the first few weeks out. He was longer though! 21 inches at birth to be exact. Coming from two towering parents; one a professional basketball player, Nic Belasco and a beauty queen, Mafae Belasco – there isn’t any wondering how he got that long. Lol!

In addition to welcoming baby noah to the world, last Jan. 31, 2016 we also welcomed baby Noah Nehemiah to the Christian! Me and the hubby got to be godparents!

To be honest, it was really unexpected that Nic and Mafae chose us both to be a one of Noah’s godparents. It was definitely an honour and a privilege. Thanks guys!


IMG_0041 copy

Look at that squad! A beautiful family indeed ♥ They really are my all-time favourite family! Years from now (emphasis on the years lol) we will also have a good looking squad with one or two lil’ addition to our family like they do! Their family dynamic is amazing! #FamilyGoals

It was an intimate celebration for close friends and family. You really feel the love for the Belasco from each and every person who were there. Mafae’s lil brother and parents even flew all the way from Australia just to be a part of this celebration. Oh how it reminded of the hubby’s parents were here for her dedication. Familia es todo!


Shout out to Mafae’s mum and dad who made the yummy homemade food. Its really different when it’s home-made! Saaaraaap! And The Lollicake Factory for making Noah’s christening cupcake-cake! It was sooo delicious! Also, the idea of making a cupcake for a cake instead of one big block is pretty smart – taking away the hardship of cutting the cake and scary knives around kids.

IMG_0038 copy

Thank you Belasco family for allowing us to be a part of welcoming baby Noah Belasco to the Christian world. It was indeed a special day 

Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


22 thoughts on “There’s a new Belasco in town!

  1. Mutya Ramos says:

    Becoming a LOLA is such a great feeling, its like having a baby of your own “twice”, ( KP and Kheira)..
    She’s our angel, and whenever I looked at her pictures she gives me “JOY”!


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