First of all Firsts!

About a year and a month ago today, I fell inlove at first sight for the time exactly on the 27th of June, 9:18 am. She was 7 pounds and 19 cm. I was groggy but I could hear her sweet cry. And when they finally put her against my face, her cries slowly softens as I could feel her soft breathe against my cheek. Even with my eyes closed and the anesthesia was still strong, I could feel her warm presence…

IMG_7918 copy

366 Days later our wittle Kheira is now officially a year old. Happy Birthday to my lil’ Princess! Oh my, how time really flies! I could’ve sworn she was just born yesterday. SUPER cliché, I know, but really time needs to slow down. Her quiet squeaks are now loud yelling screams. She used to sit on her little rocking chair now we can barely catch her crawling around the house! She’s not totally walking yet, but she stands on her own and takes 2-3 steps… soon enough she will be running around the house and mommy wouldn’t be able to keep up!

All first birthdays are special and this one is definitely not an exception!

This is the first time Kheira and I are meeting my husband’s side of the family. And according to him, that wasn’t everybody! Kheira was surprisingly very friendly even though she’s never met any of them! Proud of you Kiks

I love the states how there are plenty of parks where you can rent out a space out for any celebration; you can grill, cook food or bring your own food and just enjoy everyone’s company under the summer sun with a great scenery. We didn’t really have much time to prepare since we arrived from overseas a few weeks before we celebrated her birthday, but thanks to my sister and father-in-law and of course the rest of the family who helped us out we pulled through. It wasn’t fancy shmancy, but it was more than it was amazing nonetheless!

Only a year older and we’re already expecting another one on the way! It’s no secret when I posted about my second pregnancy but this celebration also was followed by another one when we decided to have our gender reveal the same day!

Can you guess what it is????


We were definitely shocked when we found out, especially my husband  who was having cold sweats during our ultrasound. Lol. It was indeed unexpected because within my family tree and his, we kinda thought we were having another girl. Which is quite ideal since hand-me-downs will be a good cause and I wouldn’t have to get rid of A TON of pink stuff. Hahaha! But having a baby boy completes our family even more and we just feel so blessed. 

As our family gets bigger, we are also part of an even bigger family- my husband’s family! More posts about Kheira and the coming baby! **I know I’m super FAR behind all my posts, I hope you all bear with me as pregnancy hormones take over my body. Tear!**

Definitely more to come here on MommyFeels that I haven’t even revealed!!! Stay tuned!

Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta




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