And then, there were TWO…


Officially a mum of a little princesa and a little principe 

After two months of no activity on my blog, giving birth, and a week of havAing a newborn at home, Mommyfeels is back! And with a new addition to the family…

Khayden Christopher Canta

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Born: October 04, 2016 at 1:09 am        length: 19.5″ weight: 7 lbs. 12 oz

 All pregnancies ARE different. As you all know (because I’ve been ranting about it), this pregnancy was much more of a “pregnancy” compared to when I was my pregnant with Kheira. This one definitely made me feel like I was indeed pregnant with a human being about to come out of me. I really wanted to experience child birth the way it should be so this time around I was blessed enough to qualify for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section). Don’t get me wrong – having Kheira through CS was also pretty amazing as well, but having the baby the way the good Lord made every woman capable of doing was due diligence.

Around 1 am I was already feeling “contractions”. I say it that way because I never actually felt one (Kheira was such a good baby in mommy’s belly haha). It was painful, but tolerable so I didn’t think much of it. It would come and go ever so often that I just shrugged it off, though it didn’t stop till around 2 am and I just ended up dozing off.

Woke up at 5 am by this sharp thumping sensation in my uterus, which now leads to me think that I AM HAVING CONTRACTIONS. Going over what the doctors kept saying over and over in my head “10 minutes, 5 minutes, if you’re contracting between 2 minutes go to the hospital”. So I timed it the best I could… Every 10-15 minutes. My husband and my baby girl sound asleep as 6am passes I’m passing around the room trying to figure out weather I’m having Braxton hicks or I really should go to the hospital. I wait it out for another hour to wake up my husband. I figured, better get it checked and be sent home rather than NOT being able to sleep. At this point, the contractions did hurt but I was still able to walk. If I’m having them, they hurt; if the contractions are done, I was fine.

Thank goodness the hospital, Northbay, was literally 5 minutes away from where we live. Walking into the hospital, In my head I had this whole scenario that I was just being checked. Well – I was, but little did I know I was already 4cm dilated!

This is where Khayden’s waiting game took place. I was in labor for 18 hours; hungry, restless and bedridden, before he decided to come out. Pushing like there’s no tomorrow, I never felt so weak, strong, tired, in pain, sleepy, sad, hungry, excited, happy, and a bunch of other emotions all at the same time.  I never worked so hard in my life! But after it was all said and done the prize I held in my arms was unfathomable.

In reality, child birth is actually not as pretty as I happened to describe it. IT WAS NOT PRETTY. It’s messy, bright lights, a lot of sweat, latex gloves and towels were definitely involved. I never felt so open in my entire life! So exposed and vulnerable. I get that the nurses around me is used to it, but DAYUUMM… I think I was flustered the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. Not to mention, thank you to the amazing people up in Northbay that really took care of me, mucus smeared-face (due to a lot of crying) AND ALL! I can’t believe what our bodies (as women) are capable of. Though, if any of you are wondering – yes I did have epidural. I asked for it when I hit my 6cm mark. But truth be told, I wish I hadn’t. It was a waste of my tears, effort, made me restless, bedridden (which I DID NOT like at all) and at the end of it all I still felt the pain and I’m pretty sure it was the reason why my labor took 18 hours. After being 6cm dilated, it took another 5 hours til he came out. I wish hadn’t gotten the epidural and just walked it off til I was fully dilated. I wouldn’t have been so frustrated being stuck in bed.

No one can truly prepare for child birth, you just have to brace yourself for what’s to come and trust your body. Despite the ugly there is the beautiful at the end of the struggle.  At this point in my life, I never felt contented as I do now. Looking at my beautiful children, I truly am grateful that I get to experience motherhood. It definitely was an experience I will remember FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Now for more posts about my little ones!

This was the short version of my labor story. How was your labor experience?? Leave me comments! I would love to hear them!

Be a blessing to others! xx



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