Mommyfeels new occupation: the Juggler.


Sleepless nights is expected when you have a new baby. We’ve all been through it and now I’m about to embark it yet again. Coming home with a newborn baby is hard enough as it is, but bringing a newborn home to a toddler who just recently learned how to walk is TOUGH. For a whole month now, I’ve been awake about 18-20 hours a day due to my newborn keeping me up at night and needing to be alert the next day to care for my 15 month old. WHEW! Mommy feels is exhausted…

I was a new mum, but I recently discovered that I still am a new mum. Juggling two kids is a whole different level of parenting. Who here has had to carry a
few weeks old baby whilst preparing, cooking and feeding her toddler? Carrying a baby whilst chasing a messy toddler trying to wipe her clean? Carrying a baby whilst calming her toddler through her tantrum? Dealing with all that and more on the road to recovery from giving birth. Thank you postpartum, because of you add emotional on the list. Remember Charlotte from the movie sex in the city 2? That scene where her toddler ruined the vintage white designer skirt she was wearing and her babies crying at the same time she then locked herself in the pantry in tears. A brief escape. You know we all have that one moment in the day…

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Men cannot fathom the reality of motherhood because; A. they will never experience labor and childbirth and B. they would not be able to handle it emotionally. No I am not being sexist, but have you ever met a man who shared his feelings on how his day was other than saying “it was fine” or “it’s ok” – rather than bringing up the statistics of his favorite sports game? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting our amazing husbands, whom -like mine- are the greatest support system when all hell brakes loose. No offense dads, you guys are great at giving the kids fun times and bringing the bacon home! 

Khayden is a textbook newborn. He cries a lot at night, keeps me up every 2 hours and the least would be every hour. My boobs were beaten up from nursing because he’s pretty much glued to it. He always wanted mommy, to be rocked and never put down. I have never cried so much in my life for a whole month since Khayden was born. From the very beginning of this pregnancy I already had a hard time, it was definitely very different from my pregnancy with Kheira.

I’ve never been responsible for anything in my life other than myself until Kheira came and now we have Khayden. Suddenly, I am I had to learn how to be a full-time mum. And now I’m juggling two kids and trying to keep a household in order. Who knew?? But I know this is just the bast of the cake since my kids are just starting out their first years here on earth and I haven’t even thought of going back to work. I am for a big awakening. Lol! I have still yet to figure out this (never ending debate) working from home or working in an actual work environment. Hiring a nanny is out of the question for now since its quite expensive here in the states. I cannot imagine other mums who WORK from home. How do you guys do it? Work and take care of the kids? I cannot fathom. I salute you ladies. Anybody care to give me some tips?? Though I’m sure I’ll figure it out same way I figured out how to be a wife and a mum of two. We all do eventually. But just to make sure I always have a bottle of wine handy incase I need a little vacation even in the comfort of my own home with my hair and feet up – in my pjs

I may sound like I’m venting out, and I am, but only for a brief moment because at the end of the day I am truly grateful and blessed to have my beautiful children. Seeing Khayden and Kheira side by side I am just in awe of the miracle of life. Its amazing how this life was made and it came from me. ME! Who am I?!?


I ama Wife, a Mother, a Friend, a homemaker, a housewife, the nanny, the storyteller, the cook, the janitor, the designer, the organizer, the photographer, a mommy blogger and many more! 

Be a blessing to others! xx



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