Mommyfeels favorite: Baby wearing


Baby wearing is definitely an activity for me! An activity and, may I say, a workout in itself. Especially when my 3 month old baby weighs 15lbs. and my 18 month old weighs 25 lbs. Carrying them while walking around is definitely a workout. I always wear my babies. I may not be capable of wearing them both at the same time, but if i could I would! They are literally a part of me. Since I had Kheira, ’til now with my Khayden, every time we leave the house I make sure I have my baby wrap wherever we go.

We all know that baby wearing promotes comfort for the baby and among all the other advantages of it, my favorite is that comfy baby = happy baby and happy baby = happy mommy! Releases of healthy happy hormones for both mommy and baby

I started baby wearing because I remember when we brought Kheira home, she wasn’t latching well and wasn’t able to breastfeed properly for about a week. I was loosing hope and was ready to give in to the bottle… but I was determined to get her back on track. I was told to have more skin-t0-skin time with her so that she’s comforted and she gets to know who mommy is more. And after the first day of wearing her I did not want hereof of me. So much so I started to wear her around the house with my makeshift* baby wrap with jersey type fabrics I had at home.

*Disclaimer: To mums out there, this was to my own accord and I am NOT recommending you to makeshift your baby wearing attire without exercising proper caution of safety and responsibility. There are DIYs out there that you can research if you don’t have the budget to buy one. I cannot STRESS this out enough. Please exercise with extreme caution.


Don’t get me wrong, since it wasn’t an official baby wrap I only used it at home just to wear Kheira around the house and be able to do other things. I was already researching on baby slings/carriers that I could get my hands on since it seems like I wasn’t gonna put my baby down. Lol. Until about a couple of weeks later a blessing came when my sweetest dear tita Marie gifted me my very first baby sling – the Mamaway baby ring sling!

I literally bring this with me everywhere. Kheira is more comfortable when we’re out and she does not cry at all (except when she’s hungry of course). Even my husband makes sure I have the sling with me whenever we head out. The Mamaway baby ring sling is so easy to use and it’s very light. The only weight you carry with is is the baby’s weight. And its so versatile! The excess fabric hanging I use it to cover the baby’s head when we head out to block sunlight, dust, drafts, etc. And then it converts into a cover when I need to breastfeed in public. I used my Mamaway baby ring sling for over a year until Kheira got quite heavy for me to carry. Though to this day, when she’s being extra clingy mommy uses this to carry her around the house still, that’s how much we love our Mamaway baby ring sling 

When Khayden was born I already anticipated that I would use the same sling. Although I was a bit hesitant since it was pink. Lol. It wasn’t a big deal or anything it was just me being a mum that I want something else since I have boy. I wanted his things different from his sister. Being said that – mommy then started to research once again for another type of baby carrier. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted the same thing (but in a different color) this time around or a totally different type. BUT the question is… which one??? There are soooo many kinds of baby carriers out there! I was a bit overwhelmed and frankly, almost gave up…. until I saw an ad in the prenatal clinic I go to about the Baby K’tan.

I’m not really a fan of carriers that looks like harnesses. What I liked most about the Baby K’tan is the way it was made. The fabric is a blend of cotton and jersey so you know it’s stretches (good for when the baby grows) and is soft and safe for babies with sensitive skin. Plus its super easy to use. I hate complicated baby carries. The Baby K’tan literally takes about less than 2 minutes to put then you just gotta adjust to where you and your baby is most comfortable. The only con I have with regards to the Baby K’tan is the sizes of it. You have to choose the size you wear in your tshirts. So incase you’re thinking of loosing some weight (like asap) then you should get the next size down, but I wouldn’t recommend it since babies grow. I wear a size medium and it was a little loose when Khayden was 2 months old so I had to adjust it. Though now that Khayden is 3 months (and growing quite fast I must say) its just right!


Though no matter what kind of baby wearing gear you have, as long as mommy and baby are comfortable, make it an enjoyable moment for both! Having to be that close to more kisses to those plush cheeks and the comfort of warm mommy hugs – who wouldn’t enjoy that? Plus having both hands free for other chore/s whilst carrying your baby is just too convenient to pass off. Baby wearing at its finest! Its quite a habit for me now and I definitely enjoy it ♥ 


Share your baby wearing moments! I would love to read them!

Be a blessing to others! xx



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