Happy Belly Happy Baby!

Who started eating solids?? Kheira started eating solids!!

This is a #latepost, but… Whooo! A major milestone was accomplished last December 2, 2015 by our darling angel. Before the year ended our little Kheira has experienced her first time eating! And she was such a pro at it too! For a first timer, she knew exactly what to do when that spoon was right in front of her – its time to open that little mouth and “chew”. Not even a joke, it’s like she read a book on how to eat. Proud mommy and daddy over here!


I heard all these stories about feeding for the first time, where babies don’t like what they’re being fed and they end up trying again and again or introducing other kinds of starter baby food. Not in Kheira’s case! First spoonful towards her and she didn’t even flinch! She opened her mouth ready to have her first spoon of baby food like it was just yesterday. Big girl moment! Mommy teared up a little bit. She didn’t reject it and she didn’t spit it out – the only problem was; we were feeding her too slow! Imagine that! Everytime the spoon leaves her mouth her arms and legs starts flying everywhere! I’m glad she liked the brown rice cereal grandma Aya bought her.



Her paediatrician instructed us to introduce her brown rice cereals as her first way into solid foods. I’m glad we did because it was a smashing success! The brown rice cereal we used is called, Happy Bellies. You can buy it in healthy options. You mix it with your breastmilk and voila! They carry two kinds of brown rice cereals for babies. This particular one is a lil’ bit more expensive than the other brand, but its just about 200g and is more than enough for a months’ worth and our babies will have other things the next month 🙂

We’re closing in on her being half a year old and I can’t wait for her to try other flavours!

A friendly mommy reminder to those feeding your lil’ one for the first time: Eating should be a fun activity for both mommy and baby to enjoy or else it would end up being a task. Never force a baby to eat or else mommy and baby will not have a good time.


Happy feeding! 


Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


10 thoughts on “Happy Belly Happy Baby!

  1. Jackie Park says:

    Wow congrats! I felt the same way with my baby when she first started solids. Ngayon though super takaw ng 8-month-old ko! Minsan I can’t keep up! Lol. Wait ’til she starts eating by herself. That’s when you’ll really tear up 😉
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Kimberley Reyes (@ektreyes) says:

    Congratulations! Reading your post brought my back to when our two babies were still as young as your Kheira. We didn’t have any problems introducing them to solid food, too! And until now, we still don’t have problems with getting them to eat whatever we serve on the table. Good job on this milestone!


  3. Renz says:

    I remember when my Luzy started her first solids too! I let her be messy and have fun too…she learned to pick food quickly so I think it paid off. Now she wants to eat by herself and it’s another messy story 🙂


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