MommyFeels’ Christmas Post


After all the chaos of the holidays, mommy finally had time to write out her Christmas post! Reminiscing on my last year’s Christmas, we celebrated Kheira’s first Christmas, this year who would’ve thought we would have TWO babies by our second Christmas! This Christmas was very special not just having to celebrate it with two beautiful children but it was also my husband’s first Christmas back home with his family – with his new family 

As Filipinos we always start our Christmas early starting the celebrations on the eve of Christmas. During Christmas eve we gather as a family and start celebrating ’til the clock strikes 12 and we welcome the birth of Jesus together.

Our Christmas eve started off with my babies… sound asleep as mommy and daddy prepares for the next couple of days ahead.


We start our celebration with my husband’s mother’s side of the family (did that make any sense? Lol.) It was my husband’s first Christmas back in the States, last time he was here was 2 years ago when he visited for only a few short weeks. This was his first Christmas as a family man! And as for us, it was our very first Christmas with the Bicomongs! A lot of firsts!!


Next stop is the Cantas side of the family. Where we welcomed Christmas day!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


After our whole day of celebration that didn’t stop us to rush home and open presents with the family even if everyone was tired 


Even if everybody was pooped from having to drive around NorCal to celebrate Christmas with family, we still had strength to gather together for one last moment before we ended our day. Who doesn’t want to open presents?? Especially the Kheira! Even though Khayden knocked out and called it a day early Mommy still felt all the Happy Feels in the air!

Our Christmas didn’t end there! Because the next day, we headed back out to celebrate Christmas day with my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s family, the Maras! Whom have welcomed and invited us to their festive home for some good food, great company and a lot of cool surprises!




Tummies filled and with hearts overjoyed, another family dinner for the win!

This year’s Christmas, I may not have spent it with my own family (as I’m thousands of miles away) I never felt more at home as I am now thanks to everyone who made it all possible. Thank you for celebrating your Christmas with us, we are more than grateful and this made our year even better then we’d hope for. This holiday celebration made me even more excited what our 2017 has in store for us! Here’s to the New Year and more family gatherings! God is indeed good all the time

Be a blessing to others! xx




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