About Mommy…

Welcome to #MommyFeels!


Hello there! My name is Kharla Ramos-Canta (my married name). Also known as ‘Kharla Ramos’ (my stage name).

I’m a first time mommy, first time wife – who has a passion for the arts ( all of the arts ), studied interior design, so-so model/actress (not that it mattered. Ha!) and now – trying out the infamous world of blogging. Writing about what I am learning about being a domesticated housewife and full-time mommy to a beautiful little human.

I decided to start this blog to share my experiences, my freak-outs, and first time adventures in the new chapter of my life with my beautiful baby, Kheira. She’s my world and I’m trying to document everything and anything about her! 🙂 My heart is over flowing and I want to share it

And of course this includes experiences that I would love to share with many moms/new moms out there hoping I can be an inspiration or a blessing to them and also to share their experiences to me as well, either/or, I’m excited about it.

More posts to come, so follow me and what we’re all about!

Be a blessing to others! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta

Kharla Ramos-Canta


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