Mommyfeels favorite: Baby wearing


Baby wearing is definitely an activity for me! An activity and, may I say, a workout in itself. Especially when my 3 month old baby weighs 15lbs. and my 18 month old weighs 25 lbs. Carrying them while walking around is definitely a workout. I always wear my babies. I may not be capable of wearing them both at the same time, but if i could I would! Continue reading


MommyFeels’ Christmas Post


After all the chaos of the holidays, mommy finally had time to write out her Christmas post! Reminiscing on my last year’s Christmas, we celebrated Kheira’s first Christmas, this year who would’ve thought we would have TWO babies by our second Christmas! This Christmas was very special not just having to celebrate it with two beautiful children but it was also my husband’s first Christmas back home with his family – with his new family  Continue reading

Mommyfeels new occupation: the Juggler.


Sleepless nights is expected when you have a new baby. We’ve all been through it and now I’m about to embark it yet again. Coming home with a newborn baby is hard enough as it is, but bringing a newborn home to a toddler who just recently learned how to walk is TOUGH. For a whole month now, I’ve been awake about 18-20 hours a day due to my newborn keeping me up at night and needing to be alert the next day to care for my 15 month old. WHEW! Mommy feels is exhausted…

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Imin to MommyFeels, Are you???

I know it’s been a while since you guys probably seen a new tab on my menu bar called ‘COUPONS’. And *my bad* I haven’t really talked about it, though its pretty self explanatory what it is. Lol!

I’ve recently been sponsored by this really generous company called who loves to give so much they wanted my audience (you who’s reading this) to take advantage of some cool coupons they have! It’s so easy to use and let’s be honest, Who doesn’t like coupons??? If you haven’t found where it is…

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First of all Firsts!

About a year and a month ago today, I fell inlove at first sight for the time exactly on the 27th of June, 9:18 am. She was 7 pounds and 19 cm. I was groggy but I could hear her sweet cry. And when they finally put her against my face, her cries slowly softens as I could feel her soft breathe against my cheek. Even with my eyes closed and the anesthesia was still strong, I could feel her warm presence…

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Our lil’ family’s FIRST plane ride


First things first, let me just put it out there that traveling with a baby is TOUGH. With a capital T. Especially for two noob parents who has never traveled with a baby before. Ever.

Some questions we had:

  1. Is she still considered free, since she’s only just about 11 months?
  2. How do we bring a stroller with us?
  3. Do we bring the car seat for the plane?
  4. Are we allowed to bring her formula on the plane?
  5. Obviously CANNOT bring the 500ml of alcohol we usually have in her diaper bag – so do we have bring 5pcs of 100ml bottles of alcohol? Would that seem like it’s too much???
  6. What about other liquids such as her; baby moisturizer/lotion, sunblock, diaper rash cream, vitamins, paracetamol (for babies of course. just incase, you know?) and of course water for her milk.
  7. How do we consolidate her HUGE diaper bag?

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Happy Mother’s Day day!


Our mother, nor their mother’s mother, did not bestow upon us a manual on ‘how to be a mum for the first time’ or ‘how to be a good mother’. I wish they did because then I would know what I’m doing right or what I’m doing wrong. Don’t we all wish motherhood was THAT easy?!

During last year’s Mother’s Day I wasn’t officially a mum yet. I was officially pregnant, but I haven’t experienced motherhood. Now my baby is on her 11th month here on earth… motherhood couldn’t have been anymore amazing.

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