A month vacation for Mommyfeels


Hello MommyFeels!!! Its been quite a while since my last blog post… I don’t know if you’ve notice that my last entry was about two months ago. Well, Mommyfeels and family has been on a two-month vacation! Lol.

Ooh my has Kheira grown ♥ I feel really bad not being able to update Mommy Feels but I’m working on catching you guys up on everything! And no, we didn’t go out of the country- on the contrary, it was family from another country who came to visit us. It was short and bittersweet, but amazing nonetheless…

Kheira and I finally met Mommy Lola! She’s my husband’s grandmother who we’ve only known through FaceTime ’til about a month ago and spent a whole month getting to know her  She’s just the sweetest person. And we also got to meet Tito Trip, my mother-in-law’s older brother, who came to visit the Philippines with Mommy Lola. For people whom we just met for the first time – they immediately made me feel like I was part of their family. It was them who gave me a warm welcome  not the other way around. Lol! I never felt anything like it. I can only imagine how it is meeting the WHOLE family!

Even though they were here for a whole month, it felt like only a few days. Family is indeed everything and this time around was really special, especially after my husband’s grandfather’s passing earlier last year. #DaddyLoloStrong


Spending time with Mommy Lola and tito Trip made me realise how undeniable their love for all family is. Even if you’re a thousand miles away and been gone for many years – you will always feel the warmth of their welcome. On my husband’s side Kheira has (about) 25 cousin (and counting) some around her age, but most of them older. That’s a whole lot of family! I’m sure she’ll have a blast. I admire the strong bond they all have – even if there’s A WHOLE LOT OF THEM, the love is simply beyond doubt. Thank you tito Trip and Mommy Lola for visiting and spending time with us! 

“Our family is our strength and our wealth”



And our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger…


Be a blessing to others! xx


Kharla Ramos-Canta


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