About Baby…


Photo by Tuchi Imperial

Kheira Delvi T. Canta ♥

Born: June 27, 2015  9:18 am

First born baby girl, weighing 7.2 lbs and 19.68 inches long




I know its cliché for a parent to call their child perfect, but man… She was. They say having a baby is the best thing in the world. That’s how they described it. But until you ACTUALLY have your baby when you see her, you hold her, you smell her and you get to know eachother that is the only time you can say, Joy. This feeling of Joy overwhelms your heart and it overflows into tears, which in my case, a lot of tears. It was beautiful. She’s beautiful. And I am eternally grateful.

Kheira is derived from my name, quite close to it, but not the same. Though I made it a point she also has a ‘KH‘ in her name like mommy 🙂 Delvi is a combination of two names my husband and his cousin came up with. Del is from my husband’s late grandfather’s name Fidel, whom he loves so much and looked up to the most. Vi is from his grandma’s name Virginia. She’s the sweetest and has kindest heart I’ve met in my lifetime. Two amazing people that is most important in his life is now part of our daughter’s life and I couldn’t agree more…

“… But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,  goodness, faithfulness …” Gal. 5:22


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart ♥

Be a blessing to other! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta

Kharla Ramos-Canta


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