‘KH’alm down you’re having a baby


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How excited were you when you found out you were having a baby? Yeah. Well I wasn’t. This isn’t the best intro in the world, but that was reality. I’m 24 and having a baby. It wasn’t exactly in my life plan. It took a while for me to wrap my head around it. I’m so thankful for, my boyfriend at that time, husband who has been my main support through all this.

If your man has your back – that’s one of the things you have to be thankful for. He is your backbone. He will be there through all the morning sickness, the one who will ease your feet from being swollen, massage your back pains and more! I have an amazing support system and he has never once left my side even if I was being mean (hormones haha! sometimes you’ll have your tantrums – will get into more of that later on). Its not a walk in the park, there are and will be ups and downs. Struggle will come at all different angles.

We’ve come this far and still heading the direction we chose. It’s your love that made that baby, remember that every time you guys get into your arguments, petty fights, and disagreements. Love will conquer all!


As a fist time mommy, I have gathered a lot of information about being pregnant. The ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’. Many people gave different (usually their own experiences) advises and opinions about this whole thing and it can be quite confusing. Don’t worry they’re all just trying to help, but it can be a lot to take in sometimes. So here’s what I think is most significant to know about having a baby, I put it in this…


  1. Different types of Pregnancy Symptoms.

Not all pregnancies are the same! If you don’t have the same symptoms as your friend’s/sister’s/ auntie’s/ or whoever that’s perfectly normal. So don’t panic if you’re not feeling the same way. Like me, I’ve only experienced morning sickness about 4x my whole pregnancy. They say I’m lucky, but (as I always say) I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.

  1.   Your baby bump is not the same as my baby bump.

After knowing that not all pregnancies are the same, NOT all baby bumps are the same as well! Its the same as not having the same favourite food as your sister or brother. As long as you’re not feeling under the weather and your baby is healthy (as advised by your obstetrician) then the shape of your baby bump does not matter at all! ♥

  1.    Ask anything and everything!

If you’re skeptical about your symptoms or whatever’s going on in your body ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS ask your O.B. She’s there to help you. There are no stupid questions, especially if you’re a first time mom. Been there done that – I asked the funniest , and weirdest questions to my doctor. She didn’t mind. Remember she’s there to help you out and clarify all your concerns.

*Side note: Every question you can think of write it down on a piece of paper or save it in your notes on your phone so you remember all that you want to ask. Trust me you do not want the car ride back home feeling annoyed you forgot to ask a question. Also, have a close relationship with your doctor. She’s going to be your new best friend throughout this whole experience!

  1.  You’re NOT eating for TWO.

It’s not true what they say that you can eat WHATEVER you want because you’re eating for two now. Again, IT’S NOT TRUE. For you to be able to have a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby, you need to know that the most you should gain throughout your whole pregnancy is 40 lbs. (or 18 kgs) max. This is decrease complications when you give birth, especially those mommies out there who would want to have a normal delivery.

  1.   Exercise.

That being said, you cannot gain too much in your pregnancy. Exercise is needed. No one is telling you to hit the gym, but exerting a bit of effort will help throughout the pregnancy process. Walking around the mall or your dog, prenatal yoga or even simple stretching at home. Some pregnant women who are used to working out usually keep their routine even if they’re pregnant of course with their physicians approval, I for one, have my own version of walkathons strolling in the malls. I consider it my exercise and a reason to get out of the house once in a while.

  1.   Keep your feet elevated.

Gravity plays a big role why your feet are swollen. When your feet and your legs hurt this is the best remedy! This actually saved my life through a lot of occasions. Everyone knows what a pregnant woman’s swollen feet looks like. Propping your feet up after a long day is amazing when you’re pregnant, prevents varicose veins and increases blood circulation that would help disperse the water retention you have.

  1.   Water. Water. WATER!

Always keep yourself hydrated, especially with water. Since now that we’re pregnant, we really can’t have all the beverages in the world as much as we want to. We all know to rule out coffee and anything acidic. Too much acidity is bad for you  – especially for your lil’ one.

Of course we can’t drink alcohol, though they say a glass of wine with meal isn’t that bad. Remember: whatever comes in your body, you’re giving it to your baby. Bring a tumbler or a water jug with you at all times. I found drinking water kept me from eating junk foods and craving too much sweets. Studies show that water is most important during pregnancy not just to keep you healthy but also prevents unwanted pregnancy symptoms, i.e. nausea, constipation, swelling, fatigue, etc. You can read more on it in this article on Whattoexpect.com.

  1.   Stress Free.

A successful pregnancy is a calm pregnancy. Surround yourself with positivity and serenity, because whatever you are feeling the baby is feeling it too. You wouldn’t want your baby hearing arguments, screaming and shouting all the time. She’s hasn’t even stepped out and yet you’re givingher all these unnecessary stress. Be calm mommy…  woooosaaah…

  1.   Breast is Best.

Please always consider breastfeeding your baby. This is the best way to give your baby the proper nutritions, antibodies, fats and everything else your baby needs to grow. We all know the advantages of breast milk for our baby, but sometimes mothers don’t follow through with it because of the problems you may encounter.

Personally, I’ve never met anybody who told me it was a walk in the park. Every single mommy I’ve encountered told me most of the ‘downs’ you may encounter when breastfeeding, but NONE OF THEM ever regretted it and some were even concerned about being able to produce milk in their next pregnancies. Breastmilk has more natural nutrients and vitamins than any formula out there in the market.  I say, you just oughta tough it out girl! If you want the best for your baby, you know Breast is best!

Any information, as long as its a positive one, is always a good ‘fyi’ for new mommy-to-be’s like me. Just make sure that everything you do is comfortable for you (and is approved by your obstetrician) and your baby will be fine. Don’t forget to keep asking questions throughout your pregnancy especially if you’re a new mommy. Better to know than not, right??

Be a blessing to others! xx

Kharla Ramos-Canta

Kharla Ramos-Canta


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