What’s your job title?


Am I right, mommies?!??


I recently came across an app that I was signing up for and it asked me for my occupation. It was the only app that had an (actual) option that was labeled “Homemaker”. And I was like, HELL YES I am a homemaker! Proud full-time mommy here! Thank you to some people out there who acknowledge this, because not everyone thinks staying at home with the kids and cleaning the house is an occupation. It is a full time occupation without pay. It’s quite the struggle, but not one without its rewards. Every hug, smile, laughter that echoes in the house and every kiss makes it all worthwhile 


All mommies out there know about this ongoing debate about full-time working and stay at home mums. Its a never-ending argument whether mums should contribute to the household monetarily or contribute by taking care of the actual household. Which would you choose to do? Some women opt to be part of the workforce, while some would rather stay at home to take care of the kids (personally) to make sure every detail would be done to a tee (I’m slightly OCD lol) Whether there be an advantage or a disadvantage, there would always be pros and cons for every decision we make.

Personally, if I can do both I would. Ideally, I would stay home and take care of the kids myself. Be able to clean and take care of the house the way I want to and put them on the correct schedule for everything and anything whilst making money. This is kind of a dilemma for me since Khayden will be here very soon. I’m looking into jobs that would allow me to stay at home with the kids, but I also want to have a career and earn some serious dough to get my family our needs and wants. After all, two kids = two college funds. I’m still working on it though, for me, it’s all the same. Each of our struggles is different so please don’t judge. Being a mum is hard enough as it is. We still gotta carry the baby for 9 months AND we still have to give birth!

Every single mum out there gotta do what they gotta do, but at the end of the day we are doing what we can to keep a sound home and food on the table – whether it be working to pay for it or preparing it. We all have to sacrifice something, but it’s always ALWAYS for the good. And don’t let anybody tell you any differently! ♥


Be a blessing to others! xx






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